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【F1题库】ACCA F1第二十四章模拟练习题(9)
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24.17 Which of the following is not a conflict of interest?

A An ACCA member is in direct competition with a client on a contract

B An ACCA member is married to a director of the client

C An ACCA member is an officer of the client company but does not deal with the client's affairs

D An ACCA member is part of a joint venture with a competitor of the client


24.18 You have been asked to prepare management accounts while a colleague is on holiday. Your supervisor tells you that the accounts should be printed out and left on each manager's desk. You query whether the accounts should be put in an envelope marked 'confidential' but you are told not to bother in order to save costs. What problem does this cause you?

A Confidentiality

B Unprofessional behaviour

C Objectivity

D Integrity



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