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【F1题库】ACCA F1第二十四章模拟练习题(8)
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24.15 Abner is the lead partner on the audit of DEF Inc. The client often gives Abner corporate hospitality at major sporting events and small gifts, such as a bottle of spirits, on his birthday. Which threat does this represent?

A Self-interest

B Self-review

C Advocacy

D Intimidation


24.16 XYZ carries out the audit of Delta Products Inc. Delta Products Inc is in financial trouble and XYZ has had to qualify the audit report for the past two years. The managing director of Delta blames the qualified audit reports for her firm's continuing problems. She is threatening to sue XYZ for poor work if they qualify the audit report for this year.What threat does this represent?

A Familiarity

B Intimidation

C Self-interest

D Self-review



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