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【F1题库】ACCA F1第二十四章模拟练习题(2)
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24.3 Reliability, responsibility_______, courtesy and respect are the personal qualities expected of an accountant. Which of the following words correctly complete this statement?

A Accountability

B Social responsibility

C Timeliness

D Ambition


24.4 You have been asked to work on a major investment decision that your company will be making, and discover that your brother-in-law is the managing director of a firm that may benefit from the outcome of the decision. You have no intention of allowing this to influence the advice you give your firm, and you know that your brother-in-law will not try to influence you in any way. What professional quality would make you consider handing this task to a colleague, or otherwise raising questions with your superiors?

A Scepticism

B Accountability

C Independence of mind

D Independence in appearance



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