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【F1题库】ACCA F1第三章模拟练习题(2)
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3.3 ........................................ taxes are collected by the Revenue authority from a business, which

attempts to pass on the tax to consumers in the price of goods.

Which word correctly completes this statement?

A Progressive

B Direct

C Indirect


3.4 If a government has a macro-economic policy objective of expanding the overall level of economic

activity, which of the following measures would not be consistent with such an objective?

A Increasing public expenditure

B Lowering interest rates

C Increasing taxation


3.5 The currency in country X is the Krone while country Y uses the Euro. Country Y has recently

experienced an increase in its exchange rate with Country X. Which of the following effects is likely to

result in Country Y?

A A stimulus to exports in Country Y

B An increase in the costs of imports from Country X

C Reducing demand for imports from Country X

D A reduction in the rate of cost push inflation



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