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【ACCA F1考试题】acca每日一练32-33题(6月12日)

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24.3 X plc is trying to get a trading permit, for which it qualifies. Unfortunately, there is a backlog at the

issuing office, and X plc has been notified that there will be a delay in the processing of its permit. The

divisional manager offers a donation to the issuing office's staff welfare fund, if the official concerned will

expedite the paperwork.

Which of the following statements is true of this action?

A It is not unethical, because the money is offered for positive purposes.

B It is not unethical, because X plc is legally entitled to the benefit it is claiming.

C It constitutes bribery.

D It constitutes grease money. (2 marks)

24.4 Which of the following is an approach to ethics which combines a concern for the law with an emphasis

on managerial responsibility?

A Compliance based

B Integrity based

C Environmental based

D Economic based (2 marks)