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【ACCA F1考试题】2019年5月20日acca每日一练(1-2)

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21.1 (a) Peter, Gloria, Shirley and Matthew are part of a newly formed team.

Peter is a reliable employee who likes to take ideas from other people and turn them into actions.He is not very flexible and tends to be resistant to change or new possibilities.

Gloria is a dynamic individual who responds best when under pressure. She is driven to overcome any obstacles, but has a tendency to hurt other people's feelings.

Shirley is single-minded and dedicated to her work. She has a lot of specific knowledge, but only contributes to discussions on these areas and lacks the ability to see the bigger picture.

Matthew is strategically minded. He likes to see all the available options before judging them. He has a proven track record of good judgements, but can be overly critical and does not inspire others that he works with.

Belbin identified the following team roles:

A Shaper

B Monitor-Evaluator

C Implementer

D Specialist

For each team member listed below, select the appropriate team role from the list above:

(i) Peter

(ii) Gloria

(iii) Shirley

(iv) Matthew (2 marks)

(b) occurs when an individual is penalised for giving information in a

discrimination claim against an employer.

Which word correctly fills in the blank?

A Indirect discrimination

B Harassment

C Victimisation (1 mark)

(c) Is the following statement true or false?

Encouraging individuals from disadvantaged group to apply for groups is known as positive

action. (1 mark)

21.2 (a) Do the following statements relate to

A Extrinsic rewards

B Intrinsic rewards

C Incentives

(i) A feeling of achievement

(ii) A promise of additional time off for meeting a target

(iii) Working conditions

(iv) Salary (2 marks)

(b) Which two of the following steps would be classified as job enrichment?

A Giving an employee freedom to decide how the job should be done

B Increasing the number of tasks an employee participates in

C Transferring an employee from one job to another

D Encouraging employee participation in planning decisions of superiors

E Dividing a job up into a small number of sequential tasks (2 marks)