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【ACCA F1考试题】2019年5月13日acca每日一练(9-10)

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20.9 Appraisal is a complex human relations and political exercise. Which of the following is not necessarily a helpful factor in the design of an appraisal scheme?

A The purpose of the system is positive and clearly expressed

B There is reasonable standardisation throughout the organisation

C Time is allowed for appraisee preparation and appraiser training

D There is an implied link between assessment and reward

20.10 Which of the following is not a barrier to effective appraisal?

A Appraisal is seen as a way of wrapping up unfinished business for the year

B Appraisal is seen as conforming to Human Resource procedures

C Appraisal is seen as an opportunity to raise workplace problems and issues

D Appraisal is seen as an annual event