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【ACCA F1考试题】2019年4月13日acca每日一练(7-8)

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7.GHJ Co is a manufacturing company that makes one product. The production process is labour

intensive and as a result the product is highly specialised. GHJ Co also provides its customers

with maintenance and after sales service.

Department W uses materials and labour to produce the final product.

Department X stores the final product and delivers it to customers.

Department Y is in charge of advertising and promotion of the final product.

Department Z is responsible for providing spare parts to customers.

The following are all primary activities from Porter's value chain

A Operations

B After sales service

C Outbound logistics

D Marketing and sales

For each of the departments, select the corresponding primary activity listed above

(i) Department W

(ii) Department X

(iii) Department Y

(iv) Department Z

8.Which two of the following factors indicate that suppliers have high bargaining power in an industry?

A There are a large number of suppliers

B There is a lack of substitute products available

C Switching costs for customers are low

D The product supplied is highly differentiated

E Product quality is not important to customers