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【ACCA F1考试题】2019年4月13日acca每日一练(3-4)

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3. A company has recently dismissed employees in the following circumstances:Sarah was dismissed following disciplinary proceedings, although she was not guilty of negligence, and was not given her contractual period of notice by the company.

Trevor was dismissed form the company immediately after committing an act that was found to be grossly negligent.

Umberto, a relatively new employee who was showing a lot of promise, was dismissed after telling management that he had joined a trade union.

Vanessa, having previously being rated as one of the best performing employees in the company,was dismissed after management discovered she was pregnant.

For each of the following situations, classify whether the dismissal is:

A Unfair

B Wrongful

C Neither

(i) Sarah (ii) Trevor (iii) Umberto (iv) Vanessa

4. Are the following statements about redundancy true or false?

(i) In the event of redundancy, an employee with one year's continuous employment is entitled to compensation

(ii) Redundancy can occur where an employer ceases to carry on business in a particular location