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ACCA P1科目是ACCA的核心阶段的一门课程,从P1开始ACCA的难度会比之前F阶段加大许多,所以即使F阶段通过比较轻松的同学也,对于刚刚进入P阶段的考生来说困难还是比较大的,下面就为大家总结一下ACCAP1考试攻略,其中包括P1考试特点,注意事项,学习方法,希望对各位考生学习ACCA提供帮助!



  ACCAP1考试攻略之ACCA P1应试技巧


  1) 小题答题格式:


  A simple phrase to summarize your point 使用一个词组概括答题要点+ Write your phrase above in a completesentence 换行后将上述词组写成完整句子+ Explain your point and apply in the case 解释为什么或结合案例分析空行


  2) 涉及Professional mark题答题格式:

  Use an appropriate subject 一般使用第一人称答题,并站对立场(如作为管理层,需要站在公司的立场等)Correct format ,such as letter, speech,memo 使用正确的格式Fluent present with an Introduction, an ending and transition sections. 正确使用开始段引入,问题与问题间要有流畅过度,最后要有结尾段。

  2. 注意题目关键词:

  Define 给出定义即可

  Explain 定义+知识点展开

  Identify 找出内容

  Describe 定义+主要特点

  Contrast/Distinguish 比较两样或几样的异同,即各自的定义和区别Analyse 分析现在情况,经常需利弊都讲

  Assess/Discuss 考量优缺点等,考量看法的准确性。需要将正反利弊情况都讲Explore 不仅要从书本上分析,还要考虑case和case外的论点(use common sense)Recommend 提出建议

  Construct the case for 支持观点,并提供supportingConstruct the case against 反对观点,并提供supportingCriticize批评某个观点,并提供supporting(通常与best practice不相符)Evaluate/Critically evaluate 从双方面讨论(支持/反对)

ACCAP1考试攻略之ACCA P1的考试注意重点

  Intellectual Requirements

  Dear Reader, thank you for writing to us. My name is Siret, the editor of the Global Accountant magazine. I do believe you can pass this paper, however, you probably dont have the confidence.

  P1, is an all analysing, understanding and writing paper! Reading the questions and actually understanding the requirement is most important. Read the Questions first then start to read the scenario.

  The examiner has said, “higher level requirement and verbs will be most significant in this paper”。

  You must understand what the examiner wants. It is the level of knowledge that students need to apply in a certain way. So, when the question says, “Recommend ……”, it actually means: Advise the appropriate actions to the person wanting the information from you.

  I have listed below some important words you must understand to be able to pass this paper and help you understand what the questions want you to do. Once you learn these words you will see your exams may become more easy for you:

  Define  Give the meaning of ………

  Explain  Make clear…。

  Identify  Recognise or Select…。

  Describe  Give the key features of…。

  Contrast  Make a comparison between things by showing their differences

Analyse  Give reasons for the current situation or what has happened. In this case you may have to compare with something to give a trend

Assess  Determine the Strengths/Weaknesses/Importance/Significance/ability to contribute

Discuss  Examine in detail by using arguments for and against

Construct the Case  Present the argument in favour, support by evidence

Evaluate  Determine the value of in the light of the arguments for and against

Recommend  Advise the appropriate actions in a way the recipient will understand.

  Students must be careful, there could be two or even three of the above words in one question. We call these REQUIREMENTS……